Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Links added

I've been a little lazy in regard to updating my blog. I've got a couple things I'm working on for posting, but nothing is ready yet.

So I added some links to the right of the page. These are many of the sites I visit on a regular basis, especially SportsJournalists.com, where I waste entirely too much time lurking. Some of the conversations are enlightening, but most are ridiculous back-and-forth flame wars. Some threads, like this one, are both.

What was cool about the thread I linked is that it was about an Esquire cover story written by Chris Jones, who used to frequent sj.com quite a bit before this particular thread went bad. That's a shame because those of us learning narrative journalism on the fly could use a resource like Jones.

Sorry there wasn't much meat to this today. But I've got to go. Time to cook dinner for Kristin and get ready to meet friends for the Blackhawks game.

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