Thursday, May 28, 2009

Weekly Musical Interlude

I've lost track of how many, so I'm just going to start calling these Weekly Musical Interludes.

I'm kind of bummed because one of my favorite live bands, The Felice Brothers, is coming to Chicago tomorrow night. But Kristin and I aren't going. One of the deals with being unemployed is that we have to cut back on our live music budget.

Doing that in the summer is kind of tough because so many bands tour during those months. But this summer is going to fun anyway because of all the free live music available.

We're going to hit the Taste of Chicago twice (June 27 for Bloodshot Records Day and July 4 for Booker T & the Drive-By Truckers). Then we're hoping to get up to Green Bay in August to see Slobberbone play a reunion show at the Oneida Casino. (We already bought tickets to see Slobberbone in Chicago, so that is one of the only shows we'll be paying for in the near future.)

Anyway, you probably didn't need to know all that. Here's a video from the Felice Brothers, singing one of my favorites from them, "Frankie's Gun." Enjoy.

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