Thursday, August 13, 2009

Musical interlude

A couple of years ago, Bloodshot Records released the kind of tribute album I had never seen before. It was not for a musician, but an author -- Larry Brown.

It just so happens Larry Brown is one of my favorite modern authors. His death in 2004 at age 53 was a shock to me, and a major blow to the literary world, particularly the American South scene cultivated by Faulkner.

Among the many gems on the tribute album is a song by Brent Best called "Robert Cole." Best, a Texas singer/songwriter, became one of my favorites when he was in Slobberbone. That band broke up, but has recently reunited and is playing tonight at the Abbey Pub.

I'll be there with Kristin, hoping they squeeze "Robert Cole" into the set. I hope you enjoy the video clip here of Best singing it at the Allgood Cafe in Dallas earlier this year. It's a long song/video, but I think it's worth it.

Oh, and do me a favor and check out Larry Brown some time. Start with his short story collection, "Facing the Music." Anyway, on with the song.

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