Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Crisis averted

For the past two months or so Kristin and I have had a running disagreement. She said she would never watch a Vikings game if Brett Favre was the quarterback. I said, as much as it sickens me, I would still pull for the Vikes.

Her reasoning was sound. How could she be expected to cheer for a quarterback we spent so long hating? He's a prima donna who keeps stealing the spotlight with his indecisiveness. And now she was expected to say, Hurray we've got Brett Favre on our team?

It's hard to argue with that line of thinking. But my position is that I love the Vikings more than I hate Favre. If he could help them win then it was a good move to sign him. Even in his "advanced" age (ahem, he's younger than me, dammit), and coming off biceps surgery, he was still probably a better option than Jackson or Rosenfels. At least that's what I was hoping if indeed he did end up wearing a purple No. 4 jersey.

Thankfully neither of us will have to put our theories into practice. Today's news that Favre would stay retired was greeted happily in our household. Kristin can join me again every Sunday to watch the games, and I didn't have to sell my soul in order for the Vikings to be a contender.

It's a win-win for us ... though it might mean we see the Vikings lose-lose more often.


  1. I'm married to a Packer fan and a diehard one at that. She comes from family of diehard Packer fans who are unrelenting about my love of the Vikings. Their wonderful little trump card, no matter what the argument is, ends up being, "Well where are your Super Bowl rings?" In the end, after the wins and losses are counted, they have me there regardless.

    That said, I was looking forward to wearing a Purple #4 into the heart of Wisconsin and especially the heart of my in-laws Green and Gold world. Brett Favre is on the wall with autographs and posters...and to have that purple taint his name would have been poetic. I've always liked Brett Favre even while I've hated him.

    Prima Dona? Yes.
    Selfish? Yes.
    Past his prime? Definitely.

    Still. I am rather melancholy about the whole thing. I'm mostly sad that the local talk stations won't get to play endless audio drops of the famous line from "Something About Mary"....."What the hell is Brett Favre doing here?"

  2. I admit, I would have enjoyed rubbing it in the faces of my relatives in Cheeseland. But I still would have felt a little dirty about the whole thing.