Sunday, December 20, 2009

Dreaming of a White Christmas and remembering It's a Wonderful Life

I hadn't even walked into the theater yet, but already the sounds of Christmas carols were greeting me in the lobby of the Music Box Theatre tonight. I was there with Kristin, and our friends Andy and Corri.

As I stepped through the doors I saw Santa Claus sitting next to an organist at the front of the packed theater. Cheerful voices rose up in singing. Winter Wonderland. Jingle Bells. Rudolph. All the easy sing-a-longs songs, yet the lyrics were still being displayed on the movie screen. People wore crazy Christmas hats and ugly, busy sweaters. Some held lighted props or shook tiny bells.

We settled into our seats and joined in, though I really just pretended to sing. Up until that moment I hadn't given much thought to it being Christmas time. Now here I was immersed in this celebration, the 26th Annual Music Box Christmas Show. It's a double-feature with "White Christmas" followed by "It's a Wonderful Life," which is my favorite Christmas movie.

I couldn't help getting a little choked up as I looked around and took in the whole scene. It was such a festive atmosphere and everybody was so happy, it made me think about how fortunate I am. Just for being there. With Kristin and with our friends.

It's something I need to remember more often.

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