Thursday, December 3, 2009

My stories make it to the big leagues

OK, technically they weren't "my" stories. They were two I had assigned to me from the annual Radiological Society of North America meeting at McCormick Place this week.

One of the stories I did was about a study that found kids are still swallowing the safety tabs on pop cans. You can see that article here if you're interested (it's on the front page but it's not the main story so you might have to scroll a little bit).

As I was digging around the Interwebs tonight trying desperately to find something to blog about that didn't involve Tiger, his wife or his ... um ... 9-iron, I came across a Reuters article written about the safety tab study.

The same thing happened when I checked on another story I'd written, this one about how childhood obesity could lead to spinal disk disease. You can find that one here on page 8. The Reuters article is here.

I thought it was kind of cool and figured I'd share it. I don't get bylines for the stories I do for RSNA, but that's all right by me. The compensation more than makes up for that.

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