Monday, December 21, 2009

I. Am. Iron Man.

At this point in my life I don't really care if people think I'm a geek. That's why I'm willing to admit how excited I am to see "Iron Man 2" when it is released May 7.

I love movies based on comic books, especially the ones featuring Marvel superheroes. I own the Spider-Man and X-Men trilogies on DVD, and have the original Iron Man on Blu-ray. I've seen the great ones, the good ones, the bad ones, and the horrific ones. I've found something to like in all of them, even something from "Fantastic Four."

Back in my youth I collected comics, mostly the Marvel ones I've already mentioned. Some of them are still with me in a box downstairs. I keep threatening to dig through them, but I never get around to it.

Anyway, I saw the IM2 clip a little while ago, so that's why I started thinking about all this. I just hope I'm not setting myself up for disappointment. Sequels usually don't top the originals. Plus, I make a habit of setting myself up for disappointment. We shall see.


  1. Elyot and I cannot wait for it. I downloaded the trailer on iTunes. Hopefully it won't suck!!!

  2. Theodore Donald KerabatsosDecember 22, 2009 at 9:41 PM

    the producers/director whiffed on Wolverine. If there ever was a chance for a GREAT comic book movie, that was it. I was a fan of several characters growing up, but to me that character always provided the most depth, walked that fine line of good and evil in the main character...then they dropped that turd. I was also not a fan of the X-Men movies, but i was entertained by the first two.

  3. I've always been partial to Wolverine, too. And I agree about the movie -- major disappointment. I did really like the X-Men movies, though. The third one was a letdown, as was the third Spider-Man movie. I'm not sure what to think about the fourth one coming in 2011.

  4. A supremely confident, well-tooled entertainment. It's bound to be the early pace-maker for the oncoming glut of summer blockbusters.