Saturday, December 26, 2009

Musical interlude -- 2009 finale

This has been a good year for me in terms of discovering new music, which I already wrote about this month. But one band I left off the list was Arcade Fire, mostly because the band didn't release anything new and didn't tour. I just heard them for the first time this year.

I actually had heard them a few times on the radio, but nothing ever stuck with me. That happens sometimes. You hear a band at one point in your life and don't think anything of them. Then you hear them later and they strike a chord.

So when I was at a local music store I just grabbed "Funeral" and gave it a shot. I loved it, enough so I went out and bought the second CD, "Neon Bible" within the same week. That one was released in 2007 and Arcade Fire has yet to make another.

I'm not sure if they have anything planned for 2010, but I sure hope so. Meanwhile, they did get some attention this year when one of their songs off "Funeral" was featured in the "Where the Wild Things Are" trailers.

Enjoy this video.

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